We spend hundreds of dollars for our smart watches and activity trackers. And while they do often have a plethora of options and features that can be useful to us in our day to day. Let’s face it if it’s our activity we want to track and the most valuable time to be wearing them is when we are playing sport or working out. This time also happens to be the when we put our often expensive and relatively fragile wearable devices at most risk.
There are countless stories I’ve heard where activity trackers have been damaged whilst working out. Whether it’s jogging through narrow city streets and your swinging arm just happens to catch that brick wall at exactly the wrong spot that shatters your new apple watch screen. Or you’re being heavily defended on the basketball court and your opponent reaches in at the ball and gets his finger caught in your new Samsung Gear strap not only snapping the strap but also straining his finger.
Bad luck does just happen but all these scenarios could have helped been avoided if the smart device had been covered up or concealed. No wearing a long sleeve hoody and working out isn’t practical for most and definitely not a favorable​ option for those living in warmer climates. So, if only there was a cushioned piece of clothing that could be worn to help protect and conceal smart devices whilst not being to obtrusive. Something that is isolated to the specific area in which smart devices are most commonly worn.

Well,​ luckily there is. It’s called wristband. That’s right the simple wristband is often an excellent accompaniment to your wearable fitness tracker or smartwatch​. The team at PandaBare has​ understood this and set out to make the most functional, form-fitting​ and absorbent wristband they could. Making it the perfect wristband and in turn a fantastic option to help protect your smartwatch​ whilst you exercise with a ​piece of mind and with the added benefits​​s that traditionally come with wearing a wristband. That’s primarily to help absorb sweat.

If you are looking for the perfect wristband, PandBare has developed the ultimate bamboo wristband. It’s super-absorbent​ but also carries many other benefits never before seen in the regular ol wristbands. PandaBare wristbands are hypo-allergenic making them ideal for even the most sensitive of skins. They also carry many natural antimicrobial features that can be found from bamboo making them odour resistant​ and allowing you to get multiple wears out of them between washes without the pongy consequences.​