Does PandaBare have a shop I can go visit?

We are online based only at this stage and don’t have a physical store.

I have a store – can I feature PandaBare products?

We would be happy to discuss relationships with suitable outlets. Please get in touch via the contact us section.

Bamboo is so strong and hard. How can things made from bamboo cotton actually feel soft?

Surprisingly our bamboo products feel exceptionally soft and silky to touch. Try them and you will be surprised at just how soft and comfortable it feels.

How does sizing work for your bamboo socks?

PandaBare offers 2 sizes. The larger size best fits sizes 8-11 and the smaller size is best fitted for feet sized 5-8.

Will bamboo socks help me prevent smelly feet?

Yes! Bamboo naturally contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and these carry over to the bamboo fabric used in our socks. Allowing PandaBare socks to help with foot odour and keep your feet fresher for longer.

Is using bamboo as opposed to regular cotton or other materials better for the environment?

Yes! Bamboo is a grass. It requires a lot less water than cotton to grow. It also doesn’t require pesticides due to it being a lot hardier against insects when compared with cotton.

What if my new PandaBare socks don’t fit? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately because of hygiene reasons we can’t accept refunds. So please choose carefully before purchasing. But if you are unsatisfied with your products for any reasons then please contact us and we will help you find a happy resolution.

Is bamboo as hardy as normal cotton?

Yes it is. However all bamboo fabrics are susceptible to pilling. So you may notice tiny threads of fabric on your skin after wearing. This is completely normal.

How should I care for my new bamboo clothing?

Regular washes are ok. However we do recommend cold washes without using fabric softener. This will help protect your bamboo clothing long term and it also helps protect the environment.