Step into Sustainability: The Incredible Benefits of Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks signify the perfect blend of sustainability, comfort, and innovation in everyday fashion. Crafted from one of Earth’s most renewable resources, these socks offer an unmatched experience of softness, breathability, and temperature regulation. Embracing bamboo socks is a step towards responsible living, combining style, comfort, and a deep-rooted commitment to the environment.

Wristbands: The what and why.

‘Wristy’ at PandaBare is hands-down the freshest way to contain sweat as you work out. Available in colours, black, white and red, it has a stretchable size that fits persons of all ages.


Frequently asked questions about PandaBare clothing including bamboo shirts and bamboo socks. We try to answer your bamboo related questions.

How to protect a smartwatch while playing sport.

Let’s face it if it’s our activity we want to track and the most valuable time to be wearing them is when we are playing sport or working out. This time also happens to be the when we put our often expensive and relatively fragile wearable devices at most risk.