Believe it or not, the socks you put on every morning have a noticeable impact on the overall comfort you experience throughout the day. Socks can go wrong in more ways than one; when they don’t hug your calf with the right amount of pressure, when they randomly slip off your ankle, or when you hate the pattern that’s peeking out from under the hem of your pants.

However, you may be surprised to discover that there is a diverse, multi-range variety of socks that you can shop from according to the comfort, design, and the texture you prefer.
For instance, have you ever heard of bamboo socks? They are one of the most comfortable socks available in the market currently. Made up of very fine bamboo fibers, they outperform many other sock varieties, owing to their light, breathable fabric and soft, smooth texture. One of their outstanding features is that they successfully help in regulating our body temperature by absorbing moisture and letting it pass through its pores, thus protecting us from any fungal infections or foot blisters. Bamboo socks are also a healthier choice for us because of their ability to diminish moisture and dampness quickly which enables the socks to steer clear of the nasty, foul-smelling odor that tends to be synonymous with socks.

But if the traditional crew sock doesn’t​ suit​ your foot covering expectations, then you should give ankle socks a try. Ankle socks are shorter in size when compared with a traditional crew sock. Ankle socks cover your entire foot and the end of your ankle. Their lower profile makes them less likely to be seen with boots, they are a sleek, stylish alternative to other, longer in socks. Ankle socks are also ideal for sports. The socks will keep your feet warm and snug without being flagrantly visible. Whether you are dressed in a casual outfit, athletic wear, fancy clothes, or formal, business attire, ankle socks work well with everything!

On the other hand, crew socks are characterized more by their functionality and usage instead of style and sophistication. Crew socks are much longer in size and are often worn up until the mid-calf. If you are someone who loves sports and frequently participates in athletic and sporty activities like hiking, trekking, and climbing, crew socks are the perfect choice for you. Since they provide support and comfort, they can be worn for longer times, even during the night as well. They hug your feet snugly and offer relaxing comfort due to the deeper cushioning in the sole of the feet. Unlike ankle socks, they don’t risk slipping into the shoe. There’s a further sub-type of crew socks which helps repel insects. For people who are outdoorsy and love spending time in nature, these socks provide all the protection they need from those pesky, blood-sucking insects.

When choosing socks, it is make decisions based on a number of different factors like fabric, texture, sock length, sock fit, comfort, moisture absorption ability, etc. Buying socks may be a seemingly trivial activity for some, however, it does have serious implications on your foot health, so do give it a thought and spend some time thinking and researching the socks you want to buy for your feet.