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Maximum Comfort.

Minimum Impact.


At PandaBare we offer a selection of bamboo essential clothing that currently includes bamboo socks and bamboo wristbands. Our product range is set to expand as we will continue to introduce new items.

Crew Sock

The PandaBare Crew Sock is a full length bamboo sock. Sleek style that gives you the ultimate in comfort, freshness and support. 

Ankle Hugger

The ankle hugger from PandaBare is an ankle-length​ bamboo sport sock. Perfect for casual wear, sport and just as your daily go-to​.


PandaBare bamboo wristbands carry all of the benefits of natural bamboo cotton making them one of the most functional wristbands available.

Next Level Softness

Forget what you thought softness was. PandaBare bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, silky,​ and luxurious in feel. Go ahead, spoil your skin.


Our bamboo is organic and naturally doesn’t require harmful pesticides​ or chemicals. It has less of a carbon footprint than cotton. Better for you and the environment.

Moisture Wicking

Our bamboo fabric has excellent wicking ability that pulls moisture away from the skin so it evaporates easily – keeping you cooler for longer.

PandaBare Bamboo Clothing

PandaBare Australia offer eco-friendly bamboo clothing that offer maximum comfort to you at minum implact to our environment. Keep up to date with our latest news and articles relating to everything from our bamboo clothing, the environment and more.

Step into Sustainability: The Incredible Benefits of Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks signify the perfect blend of sustainability, comfort, and innovation in everyday fashion. Crafted from one of Earth’s most renewable resources, these socks offer an unmatched experience of softness, breathability, and temperature regulation. Embracing bamboo socks is a step towards responsible living, combining style, comfort, and a deep-rooted commitment to the environment.

Wristbands: The what and why.

‘Wristy’ at PandaBare is hands-down the freshest way to contain sweat as you work out. Available in colours, black, white and red, it has a stretchable size that fits persons of all ages.

PandaBare: Your (feet’s) Happy Place

Bamboo socks are a healthier choice for us because of their ability to stop moisture and dampness quickly which helps them avoid nasty, foul-smelling odor that tends to be linked with socks.