A bamboo cotton sock is made of very fine, itch-free fibers of bamboo that allow it to perform extraordinarily among all other kinds of socks. Their moisture-wicking​ properties particularly coupled with the breathability of the fabric provide greater comfort to us each day. If you haven’t switched to bamboo socks yet, you must not waste your time wearing your plain, old, regular socks anymore because the time has finally come to feel their magic on your toes!

Why wear bamboo socks?

Comfort: You cannot simply ignore the innumerable benefits there are, to wearing bamboo socks. The light material feels smoother on your feet while enabling you to find the perfect fit for your feet due to its flexibility. Assisting in maintaining an excellent level of solace for your feet throughout the day, the extra soft cushioning of bamboo socks has managed to eliminate issues such as discomfort, chafing, and rubbing.

Temperature and Moisture: Feet obviously need the free circulation of air to maintain their health. The bamboo cotton is able to regulate our body temperature by making use of their hollow structure. The nature of the fabric tends to be super-absorbent that ultimately allow your feet to stay warm on a chilly night, and cool during a sunny day. More importantly, they wick the moisture and wetness away from your feet as the water vapor passes through the tiny pores of the fabric fiber, ensuring prevention from unnecessary foot fungal infections and blisters. If you’re looking for some breathing room for your sock-bound feet, Bamboo Socks Australia is the way to go!
Odor Resistant: The ability to get rid of the dampness quickly makes it easier for bamboo socks to stay odor-free all day. Studies show that owing to the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo cotton, it extinguishes about 70 percent of the emerging odor creating bacteria. It interferes with the growth of microbes that can actually harm our feet nerves, clearly making bamboo socks a healthier choice for us.

Safe: Feet are one of the most sensory-rich areas of our body. They are contact-sensitive and are directly related to our motor control. Bamboo fabric has proven to have a calming effect on our nerve endings allowing an evident therapeutic impact on our feet. Likewise, the hypoallergenic nature of bamboo must not be overlooked. Since bamboo is free of hard chemicals and dyes, it tends to be purer as a fabric. Sensitive people such as children, or the elderly can be exposed to bamboo without the fear of having their allergies triggered.

Environmental friendly: The sustainability of bamboo makes it an excellent resource for our planet: a rapidly developing crop that doesn’t require harmful nitrogen and fertilizers. It naturally regrows from its own roots without replantation while simultaneously benefiting the soil it matures in. From coastal areas to elevated grasslands, bamboo can be grown just about anywhere in the world. Varying from specie to specie, bamboo can be harvested within one to five years, even in the harshest weather conditions.